What is Love Coaching?

Are you single and fed up with the lack of quality men online, tired of dating and settling for less than you deserve, or unsure if your current relationship will last? A Love Coach will give you the insights, advice and loving guidance to help you get the results you want - a fun, fulfilling, lasting relationship. Your Love Coach will also identify the behaviors, beliefs, and subconscious patterns getting in the way of you being happy, confident, and blissfully in love. You will learn how to find and attract a high-quality man who is mature and ready to devote himself to you as his one and only divine partner. It's not about rules or tricks. It's about learning to harness your magnetic feminine energy while being your most authentic, lovable self!



When I signed up for love coaching the year after my divorce, I was so overwhelmed and discouraged by the dating scene. I knew I wanted a partner, but as a busy working mom of two children, one with special needs, I didn't have the time, energy or motivation to date! I joined Match.com, but couldn't keep up with the messaging and deciding who to meet or not. Who are these guys anyway?  I honestly didn't believe I would find a man that was my equal. But 3 months after working with Whitney, I met Alex, a sweetheart of a man who actually courted me while we were dating. He was a breath of fresh air! And our relationship is still going strong! 

Amanda, 36


About the Love Coach

    Hi, I'm Whitney, the love and relationship expert and certified Love Coach you can trust to guide and lovingly support you through your dating experience to find love. Together, we will identify and break through your personal barriers because everyone, including you, deserves love.

    With an educational background in psychology, and 15 years of professional Recruiting, Matchmaking and Coaching experience, I now fulfill my life’s purpose daily by helping single women cultivate loving relationships.

I’ve been a single parent, navigating the world of online dating, singles events and modern communication. I have read countless books and articles about love and relationships as well as attended and spoken at relationship seminars and summits. I too have pushed forward through rejections and disappointments. I have been in love, and have lost love and I have lived through the death of my husband. 

    I've cried (a lot) through difficult times, and laughed in the happy ones, and sometimes cried happy tears and laughed in times of uncertainty. But I learned the important lesson that our emotions are NOT our enemy. When we listen to our emotions, our bodies, and our intuition, along with the guidance of a professional coach, we have the exact guide to creating our best life. I found joy in being vulnerable and radically honest. I faced the darkest parts of my past and felt my deepest feelings. I got to know myself more deeply than ever, and after it all, my life felt like it was flowing in harmony with the world around me, instead of feeling like everything was an obstacle to overcome. I fell totally in love with myself, attracted my amazing partner and let love flourish.

Now I use these life experiences and my professional training to teach winning strategies to others who are looking to manifest truly amazing love lives. 


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