Coaching Programs

6 months to Create
the Love Story of Your Dreams

18 one-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions over six months

Wherever you're starting from, whatever your relationship history or status ... If you're looking for love, like

goosebumps down your spine, crazy about you, real-deal love, then this course is for you!

3 Months Quick Start
To Turn Your Love Life Around

10 one-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions over three months

"Get My Love Life on Track" Session
One hour, one-on-one session to answer your burning questions and set your love life on the right track

All Packages Include: 

  • Individualized program to support your specific situation, questions, challenges, and goals

  • Support before each coaching session to ensure that we make the most of every minute we spend together; maximizing your investment and the results you create.

  • Post session support to help you integrate the coaching into your daily life. Action items, journaling, on-the-spot coaching and more keep the learning and growth going in between coaching sessions.​​

  • A free "Turn Your Love Life Around" session. Book yours today. You've got nothing to lose and so much to gain. 

What will you get out of Love Coaching?


This coaching journey will allow you to create the love life of your dreams!

So what you do want?

Do you want an amazing partner who loves and cherishes you? Or would you love to just get back out there and date after a looooong hiatus? Are you looking to settle down and start a family? Or are you just looking for proof that good, available, single men stilll exist? Because that is exactly what you will attract following this program. Whatever you're looking for, with your committement, your coach's guidance, and our results-proven system, you can acheive it!

You will also get tons of practical advice about dating and relationships, including where to meet quality men and how to make dating fun again. 

Online dating can be useful in attracting and meeting men, but it can also be a time-consuming way to be ghosted a bunch of duds. If you are open to trying online dating (The Heart Hunters way, not your way) then we will create the perfect profile for you and teach you step by step how to use online dating apps to meet quality, available men who are looking for a relationship, and weed out the losers, assholes and players.

This program works! Just check out the testimonials. 

Take advantage of our complimentary
"Turn Your Love Life Around" session

Connect With Your Own Heart

Through this personalized program, we will identify your true essence; who you are meant to be. What would it feel like to bring back your long-lost childlike wonder, and put your own well-being before nurturing others. Learn how your programming, beliefs, fears and defense mechanisms are holding you back. Learn to appreciate how truly amazing you are, and allow others to see it as well. Don't just study love hoping your love life will change. Learn, apply the knowledge, do the work and make it happen! 

Become Exuberantly Irresistible

When you change your VIBE while single and dating, you automatically attract the right kind of men into your life. Learn how to tap into your honest, feminine, sensual, FEELING nature, and magnetize him simply by being what you were always meant to be... an alluring woman who is soft on the outside, but strong and resilient on the inside. No more chasing men or hiding behind your emotional walls. 

Take advantage of our complimentary
"Turn Your Love Life Around" session